Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sometimes the only way to win -- cheat! A Lost Worlds session report

Well, maybe not exactly cheat, but definitely not a fair fight. The Old Warrior finally breaks (temporarily as it turns out) his string of defeats at the hands of the Young General by basically bringing a gun to a knife fight. Or in this case a Djinn to a fight with a ninja ...

Othere would have pitied the foolish man dressed in black garb, if pity was an emotion he could feel. It was amazing how the fools always thought they'd get wishes when they rubbed a lamp! Some Djinn played along with the joke and "granted" wishes that always backfired on the lamp-rubbers. But Othere wasn't into jokes -- he was known as being rather dour for a Djinn -- and so he merely laughed at the silly little man in the black pajamas.

Hah! The black-garbed little man pulled out a sword and took a fighting stance. Othere was amused. Let's see how he liked this little trick! Othere began twirling to create his whirlwind. The wind grew and grew and the black-garbed man struggled to keep his footing. Finally Othere unleashed his strength and the wind tossed the little man to the ground. Otehre could hear some bone crack. (-9 hit down to 3)

The black-garbed man struck out with his sword as Othere leered at him, slashing into the Djinn. That was an unpleasant surprise, Othere thought. (-8 hit to the head) The little man had some bite after all. Othere dodged a followup blow and recovered some strength (+1 regeneration).

Time to end this, the Djinn vowed to himself, as he brought his sword slashing down and through the little man -- leaving him obviously and instantly dead.

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