Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In praise of dice

Dice from Gale Force 9

I'll admit it. I like throwing dice. Yeah, I know there are those who disdain a "bucket of dice" in a game, especially in wargames. They feel that it somehow diminishes the role of skill or strategy to roll a lot of dice. I think that's an incorrect perception, but on a more fundamental level I don't really care.

I like the feel of a fistful of dice. I like the noise of a pile of dice bounding, bouncing and bashing each other across the table top or inside the top of a game box.

Some of my favorite recent games involve tossing a substantial number of dice. Games like Heroscape, Borg's Commands & Colors games, various block games and Axis & Allies in both its traditional and miniatures forms. Special dice are cool, but even regular D6 will do.

So bring on the buckets!

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  1. I agree with you Seth. The great thing about Dice is it represents probability. Even the best sniper doesnt hit every time, but he probably will ;)
    Some games have a lot of dice (like tide of Iron or Victoria Cross) and the excitement of scanning the dice and looking for that hit is pretty fun. Whats even more fun is a dice tower. Adds a little more to the excitement.

    Thanks for another great post!