Saturday, January 2, 2010

No bones about it -- a Lost Worlds Session Report

Young General and Old Warrior begin a series of duels ... .

Young general has Sir Percival, the mounted knight, while Old warrior has the basic skeleton with scimitar and shield -- although the skeleton;s sword is the rare beserker sword Karcilabran, which provides a +5 modifier for a Wild wing attack.

Orts didn't remember much about his "living" life. He had a vague sense that he was once a renowned warrior -- but he had been undead so long it was hard to be sure. The mage who had reanimated his bones thought him fit to be armed with a special sword for use at his guard post. "Karcilabran" the mage had called it. "It is a berserker sword, best used with wild abandon, my fleshless friend," he had said.

Sir Percival

Orts wasn't surprised when a knight appeared at the other end of the meadow. Being deceased was such a big surprise that it had driven all the capacity for being surprised from his being -- such as it was. No doubt the mage had expected trouble, although he probably hadn't expected it likely from this direction -- or he would have posted a more formidable guard. Orts remembered enough of his training to realize that he stood little chance against a mounted man-at-arms in the open, but flight was out of the question. After all, what had he to fear? So he charged, with a silent battle cry from his long-lost life echoing in his thoughts. The knight likewise spurred his mount and closed quickly. There was the clang of metal on metal as the knight parried the skeleton's blade -- and then the crack of metal upon bone as the knights sword struck off a few ribs.( - 3 points on Orts, reducing Body to 4)

Orts knew he didn't have long to strike, so he decided this was the time to abandon caution and swing wildly with Karcilabran. The berserk blade clang right through the knight's parrying attempt and dug into his leg -- rewarding Orts with a red blade! (-3 on Sir Percival, reducing body to 11)

Had Orts been able to voice an exultation, he would have, but he hoped to follow through with a high thrust into the knight's midsection using the tactic of the "Three Bit Swing" developed by Umar Burtoss -- but the knight's steed turned around and threw a vicious hind-leg kick that scattered Orts bones all over the meadow -- dissipating his thoughts. (-5 on Orts, reducing Body to -1 for a KO)

It's a curious fact about skeleton warriors that it's fairly easy to disable them by scattering their bones -- but hard to scatter them so thoroughly that the skeleton can't eventually reassemble himself using the creating mage's magic. So it was that, some time later, enough of Orts drew together that his thoughts returned. He could see that the knight had relieved him of the sword Karcilabran and had left. Once his leg bones returned he'd go report to the mage that he had an unwanted visitor.

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