Saturday, January 16, 2010

Heroscape Day at Arkham Asylum

I organized a Heroscape Play Day today at the Arkham Asylum comic store in Norwich today and it went rather well. Turns out there are some Heroscapers in the area, including at least one dude who has a lot more stuff than I do!

So he set up a self-made battlefield that he and two other guys fought over in a massive 700-something point 3-way slugfest.

Over on my side we stuck with an almost straight-up Clashing fronts scenario on the Table of the Giants battlefield from the first master set, where I taught the game to two new players. One had bought the original master set years ago but never played it, the other was totally new to it.

I modified the scenario slightly, taking a 500-point army while they each has 300-point forces as a team, so it was 500 vs. 600 points. It turns out this might have been a little too generous.

The gentleman with his own set used some of his own figures, the Deathwalker 9000, the Zettian Guards and Raelin. His teammate drafted troops from my Jandar forces, taking the Kyrie squad, a ninja and the Omnicron snipers.

I also selected a Deathwalker 9000, Marcu, the Shades and four squads of zombies.

The first half of the battle went fairly well for me. I picked off one of the Zettians with my first shot from the Deathwalker and the other one didn't see much action after that. My Deathwalker dueled with the Omnicrons and occasionally the other Deathwalker, but they were ratehr distracted by the horde of zombies shambling forward, grabbing glyphs and providing benefits in speed, range and initiative fof most of the first 6-7 turns. One zombie shambled onto the summoning glyph and sumoned Raelin into a zombie ambush from which she emerged as a zombie.

Eventually the Omnicrons and Deathwalker pciked off enough zombies to reduce them to near ineffectiveness and this is where things started to go bad for my troops. The shades and Marcu swooped in, but Kimiko was tough to take out. My Deathwalker finally finished off the last of his Omnicrons and the Deathwalker, too, but the enemy's Kyrie reserve road in like the proverbial cavalry and chopped up my Deathwalker, and then finished off the shades, the last of the zombies and Marcu, too.

While not emerging victorious, I had a good time and there was considerable enthusiasm for scheduling another Heroscape Day next month.

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