Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Being careful what you wish for -- Lost Worlds Session

There's one danger in teaching a young grasshopper the 'martial' arts -- he may kick the teacher's butt ... .

Gildersleve was in a hurry. He wanted to arrive in Occum before dark and he meant to do so even if it meant cutting through the glade rumored to be guarded by a unicorn. Detours were for elves or men. Dwarves took the direct path. Besides he had his sharp blade and blasting horn to see him through, although he wasn't too pleased that the unicorn's magical resistance rendered his own knowledge of the yellow and purple magicks nearly useless.

Ah, so the the stories were more than mere rumours, Gildersleve thought, as he saw a stately and rather large unicorn mare emerge from the woods. Well, a blast of the horn should send the lass on her way.

But he had barely brought the horn to his lips when the beast suddenly charged and caught him square with its horn, tossing him to the ground. (-6 hit, dropping his body points to 10).

Gildersleve fought back, slashing low over and over. Some blows missed as the unicorn slipped aside, but others connected (-1 and -1 hits). Gildersleve was concerned as his foe was merely being nicked. He managed to blow the horn once, which sharpened his blade's bite, and a more solid than usual strike did draw some serious blood (-4 hit). The unicorn recoiled.

Gildersleve took the chance to draw on his magic. His spells couldn't affect the unicorn, but he could cast them on himself, and the "Touch of Glenna" provided a salve to his wounds (+2 body restored).

The combatants returned to the fray and Gildersleve staggered the horned horse with a strong slash (-6 hit) but the unicorn's counterstrike also pierced him again (-5 hit). Gildersleve was so intent on closing in on his opponent he forgot his danger. Horn and blade clashed together and Gildersleve saw the aura of the unicorn's charm spell spread to his own blade and in an instant envelope him. It was so warm -- and pleasant.

And it struck him instantly how absurd this fight was! How could he be trying to injure such a delightful, beautiful creature. Why this creature was his friend -- and he was hers! Yes, he understood perfectly now. Wherever he was going was unimportant. All that was important was that he leave the friendly unicorn in peace and leave the glade -- returning to way he came. It was all so very clear ... .

And so the Old Warrior loses his third straight Lost Worlds duel to the Young General as the unicorn wins the fight by charming the dwarf.


  1. How does one get started with this game? Each has to buy a character book or what? Is there a basic game or starter kit. I cannot tell from BGG.

  2. Basically each player has a book and a character card. You keep the card and trade books with your opponent so each of you sees the other guy's character. You select move from your character sheet and through a couple of pretty easy steps (once you get used to it) you end up on new pages where you can see the move your opponent made. The same system was used in a number of other games, most notably Ace of Aces.
    You need at least two books to play.

  3. Just realized how close the title of your blog is to Pwnederings. heh heh.