Sunday, January 3, 2010

A cold, hard defeat for Wintersword -- a Lost Worlds session

Amara Wintersword wasn't too concerned when she spotted the female gargoyle barring her way through the passage.

Amara figured her usual tactic of hanging back and distracting the foe with thrown daggers followed up with an axe attack would work, so she readied her magic dagger and let loose with it. The magic dagger would find its way back into her hand after being thrown, which made that a very useful tactic indeed.

Unfortunately the gargoyle was too quick and the dagger toss missed.

Next thing she knew, the gargoyle's wings and claws where flailing at her, sharp talons digging into Amara's flesh! (-3 hit) This would not do! Amara countered with a solid swing of her axe that caught the gargoyle square in the side (-8 hit). The two combatants separated, warily.

Again the gargoyle closed, thrusting with her long spear. Amara's usual luck came into play (with a 'Dull Blade' luck card) and the Gargoyle only caught her with the flat side of the spear blade. (no damage).

The gargoyle flew over Amara and try as she might, Amara couldn't seem to get out from under the slashing talons and beating wings. Again and again she was pounced on and slashed. (-3 and -4 hits) One time she manged to knock the gargoyle back (-2 hit) but Amara sensed she wasn't going to prevail this time. The tiny gargoyle was tougher than she appeared.

A final slash that tore into her arm and Amara saw the darkness closing in. (-5 hit KO) So is this what death and defeat felt like, she wondered.

Hours, maybe a day later, Amara awoke, much to her surprise. She was grievously cut and had lost a lot of blood, but she was alive. The gargoyle was gone -- and so were some of Amara's possessions -- her magic tiara, a useful potion and her very useful Defendi Min medallion. Without the Defendi Min she wouldn't have lasted as long as she did against the gargoyle as its magic reduced the sting of each hit. Amara pitied the next foe the gargoyle faced, because they'd find the little creature eve tougher to defeat. That wasn't her problem, though. It was time to drag herself back to town and find a healer.


  1. Next time, Amara should wear more than a steel bikini. And she's barely wearing that!

  2. Yeah, Amara is an amusing character - the epitome of the scantily clad female warrior. The chain mail is definitely just for decoration.