Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fire & Movement ceases publication with Issue 150

I saw the news over on Boardgame Geek.

I'm actually surprised it lasted this long. I do think that the appearance and growth of sites such as Boardgame Geek, Consimworld and Web Grognards have made a review magazine coming out every two months or so obsolete.

I remember a time when I followed F&M quite closely and I even contributed some review articles. It was a needed independent voice during an era otherwise dominated by house organs or magazines tied to publishers such as The Avalon Hill General, Strategy & Tactics and The Wargamer. But it's time has definitely passed. It's too bad, but no surprise at all.


  1. Sorry that it has stopped publishing. I'll miss it.

  2. The new French magazine Battles presents a new way of presenting games.
    More images, more appealing, more colors. Wargames get funniers as it looks to be.
    It makes you feel like having all the games they talk about.