Saturday, January 22, 2011

Withdrawal From Hill 112 -- decidedly not!

Continuing the Grand campaign with Game Store Tony I was expecting a tough fight in the next scenario -- Withdrawal From Hill 112. It didn't turn out that way, and Tony can legitimately blame the cards and the dice.

Specifically he can blame the first card I played as the British which was the Air Power card. I used it to hit his four units lined up on the board edge on the German Left (British Right). There were four because that's where he placed the reinforcing infantry unit he rolled up from his Reserve Token.

Well, the Air Power card is always dangerous, especially in Allied hands but the dice were especially biased toward the Allied side this time as seven of the eight rolls caused hits. This literally gutted the German's offensive potential on that side, as it left just two full-strength units.

His attempt to do something with those units backfired as my defenders were able to get a couple more good rolls and pretty soon he was down a unit with all the rest weakened. I decided to do my best to hit that weakness, to the extent of transferring most of the British armor from the Left and Center to the Right flank.

Tony tried to take some pressure off by advancing in the other two sectors but I pretty much ignored him aside from a couple of defensive moves and made a big push against his weakened flank. It was really too much and the Germans crumbled under the British armored assault. Soon it was 5-1 in the British favor with a single figure left in one German infantry unit literraly surrounded by British armor and troops. A Behind Enemy Lines finsihed that fellow off for a 6-1 British victory! This ended the campaign and the final victory point count after three battles was 16-10 in the Britis favor for a 2 point "Major" victory for the Flanking Caen campaign.

So now it's on to The Breakout!

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