Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow terrain board

I definitely feel like I'm living in the middle of one. Damn there's a lot of snow!

Meanwhile, the Persian Incursion campaign is moving along. We're using a site called ACTS to run the game in a journal or blog-like way. It's a useful tool.

So far the Israelis have run a raid on the Arak Nuclear reactor site. One solitary damage box survived on one building which robbed the Israeli's of a Strategic Victory! This was followed up by a Nuclear Infrastructure Table roll that bounced off the lowest end of the table for no effect at all on Israeli opinion and a 3 die roll for the Iranians domestic opinion.

Four MiG-29 attempted to intercept the outbound rid but a flight of four F-15Is just peeled off from the raid and a salvo of four AIM-120s blasted the MiG flight at long range. Three planes were shot down with two pilots KIA while the fourth MiG was damaged but was able to return to base.

Now waiting for the Iranian reaction.

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