Monday, January 17, 2011

OOps, may have created a monster

Introduced Young general to Magic: The Gathering (mostly because I really don't like Yu-Gi-Oh at all) and I think I may have created a monster. He practically begged me to play all day!

I've been letting him win decks off of me. I had a collection of old pre-made decks I never really go tot play with so I'm letting him win the deck if he can beat it. I bought him one new deck to start and so far he's take three off me in nine games.
At this rate I'll be emptied out by the weekend!


  1. It's a great game. I've played on and off since nearly the beginning and successfully got my daughter into the game. Lately we've been using my old cards in an on the fly deck building variant they we both really like. It's made for some very close and interesting games.

    - Shuffle 6 packs of Magic cards together (or 90 cards of your choice) and put that draw pile between the players.
    - Put a bunch of each basic land off to the side.
    - Deal 15 cards to each player from the center deck.
    - Each player puts three of those cards in their hand and returns the other 12 to a center discard pile.
    - Each player choose two cards of their choice from their land side deck.
    - So each player begins the game with five cards.
    - Now play Magic as usual except: Every time you would draw a card you instead draw five cards from the center deck, chose one to put in your hand and put the rest in the center discard pile.
    - If the center draw pile runs out of cards shuffle the discard pile and make a new draw pile with it.

  2. That sounds interesting.

    We played a couple more games today and he won another deck.