Monday, January 10, 2011

First Memoir '44 campaign

Game Store Tony was psyched enough about getting his own copy of Memoir '44 that he decided to gett he Campaign Book as well. So now we have a Battle Cry campaign AND a Memoir '44 campaign going! The Battle Cry one is an informal let's-just-play-all-in-order one but the M44 campaign is a formal one right out of the Campaign Book. We're starting, naturally, with the Normandy Campaign because that requires nothing but the base game.

And the campaign got off to a stinky start for yours truly. The first scenario is Flanking Caen and despite using a reserve tokens to buy an extra tank my British were not able to make any headway. Tank unit after tank unit was forced to retire to safety behind the ridge after being shot up. I was able to infiltrate one infantry unit to capture an objective marker but it was blasted away immediately. The sole bright spots were eliminating the German elite infantry and the artillery unit but the final score 5-2 in Tony's favor!


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