Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Memoir '44 campaign continues

Game Store Tony and I continued our Gramd Campaign of Memoir '44 with Capturing the Crossing.

I got a good reserve roll of two grenades and I decided to go whole hog and commit both of them to get anotehr artilery unit and an additonal armor unit, both of which were committed to the Left Flank. I really wanted to win this scenario so as to not allow myself to get into a big hole. Tony decided not to expedn his one Reserve token even though he could have added a THIRD elite armor to his OB. Campaign Event rolls resulted in the British being short 3 figures of infantry and the Germans losing one tank and one infantry.

As it turned out that extra armor unit I took was the margin of victory.

Tony's female friend of the hot Battle Cry dice rolled his dicd for him in the ensuing battle and true to form her dice remained red hot -- but red hot dice were no match for red hot cards. My British for once got all they could wish for in the card draws ,with plenty of Assault and Attack sector cards and multiple useful Tactics cards sucha s Direct form HQ and Armored Assault. Meanwhile Tony couldn't seem to draw a center sector card to save his life, with most of his action happening on the two flanks.

British armor, backed up by infantry and some artillery fire support made a strong push int he center and left flank and simply overwhelmed the Germans. Which is not to say there wasn't hard fighting or the chance for a German victory, as the offensive was very expensive for the British armor with FOUR tank units being wiped out, killing three infantry and a tank in turn. That FIFTH, reinforcing, tank unit was the key to winning, however, as it survived (with one tank) a duel with the Elite German tank unit sitting on the bridge. It killed the last Gemran tank for medal No. 5 and then advanced onto the bridge for Medal No. 6 and the win!

Game Store Tony gets his chance to take the offensive with the next game, Withdrawal from Hill 112. Once again the British will be down three infantry and the Germans down one tank and one infantry figure. The Germans will have one Reserve token to commit to the upcoming battle, while the British have none.

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