Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We all have our weaknesses

And my weakness is silly themed card games. And among the silliest of that genre are the various Fluxx versions.

Now, like the Munchkin series of silly themed card games, Fluxx has its detractors. And most of their criticisms - which tend to revolve around its random nature which tends to work against skilled play -- are perfectly valid. I also don't care.

I've neve rhad a bad time playing Fluxx. I've introduced to it to various groups of gamers with sucess. The kids like it. And as good as the main game is, the themed versions like Martian Fluxx and Monty Python Fluxx are even better. So the news that there's a Pirate Fluxx on the way means that there's another purchase in my future. Aaaargh!

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  1. Seth,
    Newbie to your blog, got here by reading commits about Block Games. Interesting Stuff you write about, will stick around and read your thoughts for awhile. You're right, 'Cards & Pirates' ya can't go wrong - now I just have to find a couple to play with my wife and I>
    John Longstreet