Saturday, November 28, 2009

No Games Workshop IP material on this site!

I count myself fortunate that I've never been a fan of Games Workshop's products, because it appears to have saved me from a lot of grief.

GW has long had a reputation for being, let's say, ornery in its dealings with many folks, including online and brick retailers, but this latest offensive against everyone and anyone posting any material remotely related to their products seems very ill-advised.

I noticed some moths ago that GW was taking a hard line against eBay sellers who attempted to use images of GW products in their ads. Now they've acted against fan sites and Boardgame Geek file posters.

It makes no sense to me to be rude to your biggest fans -- they can always spend their time and dollars elsewhere.

The last time I remember a Big Boy in the hobby acting this badly was TSR and we can see where they are today ... .


  1. It is worrisome, I hope this is not a new GW strategy. So many people find out about their games in the fan world online that I think they might bee shooting themselves in the foot were they to clamp down too tightly.

    I would like to know how this might affect the sea based Warhammer army list I have created (the Nauticans). It has taken me and several others literally hundreds of hours to put this together. Now I want to know if GW can shut me down and make me take it offline.

    The GW Site suggests that this hobby content is allowable but I'm very worried because I don't really know where I stand legally.

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  2. I'd be concerned. Similar content was removed from BGG, as I understand it.

  3. One thing is clear, GW does not stand for "GoodWill"!