Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fluxx as a game night game

One venue I've found that suits Fluxx well is at game nights with folks who are not hard-core gamers. It moves fast, it's quick to explain and it's not too complex, although many people have trouble wrapping their heads around the chaos at first.

At a game meetup this evening we had another example of that, although the two games of Fluxx we played were at the extreme ends of the possible.

Our first game ended rather quickly, I think it was after about one time around the seven of us playing. This wasn't all that unusual, as Fluxx can end very quickly if the right cards com e up. But our second game turned in to an hour-long epic game of Fluxx, which finally came to an end with one player playing what she thought was the winning combo, only to find out that the player holding the Traitor card was the winner.

A good time was had by all, nonetheless.

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