Monday, November 23, 2009

Axis & Allies Miniatures Early War set coming out Dec. 15

The next set ( No, 9) of the Axis Allies Miniatures land game is coming out Dec. 15, according to Hasbro. It's called Early War 1939-1941/

One odd thing about the announcement is that it says there are 50 different miniatures in the set, which isn't a number used before. The Basic set was 48, the rest of the smaller-scale sets were 45 per release and the last three releases, using the larger-scale tanks, have had 60 each.

Cruising the Axis & Allies community I see that the word is that this will really be a themed set, with alll but a couple of units with 1939-41 services dates and no units with 1943+ Dates. There will be no American units at all. It appears the Russian will finally get their fighter plane, which they badly need.

Set X will also apparently contain 50 units, not the 60 that had become the standard.

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