Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Empress Augusta Bay in War at Sea

Japanese heavy cruiser Myoko

It's possible to closely match the order of battle for this evenly matched battle of Nov. 2, 1943, using War at Sea ships. Night rules should be used.

The US Order of battle is pretty easy.

Four Clevelands (Cleveland, Columbia, Denver and Montpelier, 16 each)
Eight Fletchers and/or Hoels and/or Kidds (Charles Ausburne, Dyson, Stanly, Claxton, Spence, Thatcher, Converse, and Foote -- 7 as Fletchers, 8 as Kidds, 9 as Hoels)
Total of 128 points assuming an average of 8 between Fletchers, Kidds and Hoels.

The Japanese OB requires one close class substitution, but otherwise is also pretty accurate.

Myoko (24 points)
Haguro (use Nachi, 19 points)
Agano (use Yahagi, 14 points)
Sendai (use Jintsu, 19 points)
Shigure (12 points)
Shiratsuyu (use Shigure, 12 points)
Samidare (use Shigure, 12 points)
Hatsukake (use Isokaze, 11 points)
Naganami (use Yukikaze, close class substitute, 12 points)
Wakatsuki (use Akizuki, 10 points)

Total Japanese force is 145 points., but a couple of Japanese ships are probably overcosted so it may be more even than it appears.

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