Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome new direction for BattleLore

While it was under the control of Days of Wonder BattleLore seemed to be more of an army-level battle game with a very mild fantasy element. It almost seemed like it wanted to be a straight medieval wargame. The dwarves were basically Scots, the Goblins basically Moors and magical creatures were rare.

All well-and good, but not really what the market wanted. Historical gamers were likely to prefer the approach taken by Borg's GMT game Commands & Colors: Ancients instead.

Now that it's under the guidance of Fantasy Flight Games BattleLore seems to be taking a much more firmly fantastic edge. The next expansion features individual heroes, for example. And now there is word that the two expansions after that will feature more monsters. The first will be "Creatures" with new versions of the giant and elemental monsters and a new "Hydra" monster. Good stuff. Even better stuff, the following expansion will be "Dragons" with three different versions of that iconic beast. If there's one thing a proper fantasy game requires, it's a dragon.


  1. "Dragons" is something I have been looking forward to for quite a while, but at $35, those had better be some damn fine minis!

  2. I have been looking forward to Dragons for some time, but at $35, they had better be some damn fine minis!