Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gale Force 9 War at Sea tokens

Gale Force 9 specializes in producing licensed play aids for popular games. I have to say that my experience is that their products are a little bit on the pricey side, but very high quality. I got their vinyl play mat for Dreamblade and was very impressed. I haven't used a paper mat since.

I also got some of their Axis & Allies tokens for the land game, and liked the quality, although I'm not sure that the nationality specific approach was best. For one thing it kind of forced multiple purchases -- good fort heir bottom line, but not mine -- and for another thing it necessarily leaves out a lot of nations. There are no tokens for Axis or Allied minor powers such as China, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria or Greece. And even if there were, I can't see them as worth buying.

Fortunately the Axis & Allies naval miniatures tokens skipped all this and are generic, usable by any power. They're very substantial and I happen to like the 1940s-style art font, although some people don't. The insubstantial light cardboard counters that come with the starter kit are shown with the Gale Force 9 tokens below.

The set includes a nice selection of tokens and seems to be a better value than the land tokens in every way. I understand Gale Force 9 has plans to produce a vinyl set of maps for use with War at Sea. I hope it does, as this would be a very nice enhancement for the game.

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