Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gale Force 9 A&A tokens

Like most tactical wargames Axis & Allies miniatures requires the use of various status tokens to keep track of the game state of units affected by fire and a few other purposes. It's a simple tactical game, so the number and variety of tokens is not large and the starter set comes with some on light cardboard. These are shown above on the left.

These are functional enough, although hardly robust, and many players substitute their own home-made tokens or at least mount the provided tokens on chips or cardboard.

Gale Force 9 has been licensed to produce official A&A brand products and they've come out with a line of tokens for the land game. A set of Soviet-themed markers are shown above right. They are priced about the same as a booster set, which makes it a fairly straightforward calculus. Is a set of 25 markers worth as much to you as another booster?

The GF9 markers are fairly substantial. A stray breath won't blow them around. They are made of hard, clear plastic with a quality and clear illustration. The back of each marker is black felt. Every type of marker is a different shape. aiding in recognition.

There are marker sets available for each of the major powers: besides the Soviets shown, there are sets for the Americans, British, Germans and Japanese.

If you already have a set of home-made markers you are happy with I doubt these would cause you to switch, but if you're like me and was still using the small cardboard counters that came with the game then the new markers are pretty nice.

Besides the objective, destroyed, damaged and disrupted markers that come in the Starter Set, the marker set also includes markers for Defensive Fire and Overwatch, which are mentioned in the rules.

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