Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Picked up the 1942 edition of A&A

I was never a big Axis & Allies player back when it first came out, being much more into hard-core hex-and-counter games at the time. By the time I came around to trying A&A the Revised edition was out, but I kept hearing mixed reviews. Instead I picked up most of the rest of the A&A line: D-Day, Europe, Battle of the Bulge, Guadalcanal and finally the Anniversary edition.

(Oh, and I got really heavily into A&A miniatures, too, but they don't actually bear any resemblance to the Larry Harris A&A family.)

Anyway, I still felt like I was kind of missing out on the core A&A experience, though, so I was glad that when I heard that the 1942 edition was coming out because I felt like I could fill that void.

Interesting tidbit. Pat Flory, owner of The Citadel game store, who was involved in the original Axis & Allies 25+ years ago, told me that Larry Harris' original name for his game was 1942, but Pat told him he couldn't use that because GDW had just published a game by that name. Pat said he suggested the Axis & Allies name, inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons name that was popular at the time. So in a sense, this Axis & Allies: 1942 represents a return to the game's roots.

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