Thursday, June 17, 2010

Napoleon's War out of the box

Some initial impressions after having opened the box.

The figures are a little smaller than the Memoir '44/Battle Cry sized figures seen in most games. They are made of a haad plastic with should hold its shape well but will not be forgiving of off-the-table foot mishaps.

The counters are well die-cut and serviceable, if a little on the boring side as far as graphics go.

The scenario cards, player a aid card and rules are all in full color and look really nice.

The maps are larger than I thought they'd be and are double-sided and very sturdy cardstock.

This is definitely a set of four single battle scenarios. The maps of each battlefield are focused on that battle and do not link. Quatre Bras is on the reverse side of the Waterloo map and Wavre is on the reverse side of the Ligny map, so there will be no Napoleon's Last Battles style campaign game possible. There are also not enough figures to fight more than one battle at a time. Nothing in the Worthington Games literature indicated any of this might be possible, but I wanted to mention it in case anyone was assuming that the four battles were linkable in any way.

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