Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Napoleon's War by Saturday?

Worthington Games repoorts they are getting their games from the printers today and mailing them out tomorrow, so people should get them by "Saturday or Monday at the latest."

Darn, Probably going to miss the anniversary by one day.

Oh well, it does look interesting and it should be fun to play, based on the HTL experience.

Looking over the rules I do expect many of the same kinds of questions to pop up with this game as did with HTL. The rules are usually the weakest part with Small publishers like Worthington Games and Columbia Games. Normally there's an oversight or two and sometimes the rules are obtuse in unexpected ways. A few things about the game were not crystal clear to me when I read the rules but I am hoping that it will become more obvious once we start playing.

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  1. I do hope the rules are more solid as this is based on the Hold the Line system. Even though it's a different era, the tactics should be "enhanced" and not a complete removal from the original game.
    I am pretty excited about the game and really looking forward to playing!