Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Battle of the Java Sea in War at Sea

With Condition Zebra's appearance we are close to being able to field all of the ships or sister ships tor ecreate the Battle of the Java Sea, one of the more interesting sea fights of World War II.

On the Allied side we have the following:
Neth. CL De Ruyter herself
Aus. CL Perth Sub with sister Sydney\
Amer. CA Houston herself
Brit. CA Exeter herself
Neth. CL Java N/A closest would be a sub with De Ruyter
Brit. Encounter sub with similar Vasillas Olga
Brit. Electra sub with similar Vasillas Olga
Neth. Witte de With herself
Neth. Kortenaer sub with sister Witte de With
Brit. Jupitor sub with sister Javelin
Amer. Edwards, Ford. Paul Jones and Alden This is the biggest hole in the OB and I hope the next set includes some four-stackers. Right now there isn't a good sub. The closest would probably be a DE, but get rid of te Slow SA.

The Japanese side is likewise nearly complete.

Haguro herself
Nachi herself
Jintsu herself
Naka sister Jintsu

Murasame as herself and six sisters
Yukikaze as herself and three sisters
We don't have any Asashio or Fubuki class destroyers yet, so I'd sub five Shigure for now.

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