Monday, April 27, 2009

Geek alert!

It's not quite as stark of a contrast as this ....

But I wonder if the updated look for The Enterprise in the new Star Trek might be retconning things a little too much. Undoubtedly it will depend on how good a story the movie tells.
The fact is that the number of old gezzers like me who remember the old series is dwindling. The original series, which used to be a staple of syndicated TV, hasn't seen much air time lately. The advent of CGI has made cool special effects much cheaper to achieve and even some fairly low-budget Sci Fi channel (or is it SyFy now? ech) original series routinle use effects that leave Star Trek looking too cheesy. Lucas was smart to update the Star Wars originals, I think, for that reason.


  1. Are you kidding? The original ST was about as low budget as they could get and still produce a space opera. And while I loved it, it was *terrible* from a critical perspective. Kelley and Shatner chewed scenery like no one else!

    So it's a revisioning. Considering that the first of the motion pictures came out something like 25 years ago, they're going to look a little dated too (and that was a terrible story as well, and let's just block those jumpsuits out of our minds while we're at it).

    Lucas "adding stuff back in" to Star Wars was a terrible idea. In the first movie, the contrast between what had been there 20 years before and the new stuff was jarring, and there's nothing they were ever going to do to repent for the Ewoks. They should never have let Lucas near a computer, then or ten years later with the prequels.

    Clearly I have no strong opinions on these movies. ;-)

  2. I thought the same thing about George Lucas and Star Wars. How do you think the new generation will react to Star Trek? It's had a number of different generations and always connected with them - the 2009 one as well?

  3. 100 Percent positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes after 22 reviews. I can't recall ever seeing that before.