Saturday, February 21, 2009

A not so complex web

The Young General and the Old Warhorse continued their march through the scenarios of BattleLore recently, playing A Complex Web, shown below:

The character of the two games we played could not have been more different.

In the first battle the Old Warhorse took the role of Owain the Red Hand (the standards army, with the dwarves and spider).

Despite the presence of level 1 wizards on both sides and the spider, this turned into a very conventional battle. Neither wiz was all that effective, again, as being level 1 definitely reduces the impact of the best spells. And it never seemed worthwhile to activate the spider, so that unusual creature took absolutely no part in the battle.

Instead it turned into a battle of quality. Both sides used Mounted Charges to god effect, but the Goblins once again lived up to their reputation of not being worth the trouble as they melted away when facing the dwarves. In the meantime the dwarves chewed through everything they faced and the battle ended up a fairly convincing 6-3 win for the dwarf side.

When we switched sides, on the other hand, the battle was a free-wheeling affair The Young General got a lot of use out of the spider, which turned into a real bane for Edward's troops. Both sides again made extensive use of Mounted Charges which decimated both cavalry forces by the time it was over. Both sides did a lot of spell-casting as Young General finally got over his aversion to spending Lore. While not decisive,the spells definitely provided important support. Still, the star of the battle was clearly the Spider, which avoided many critical hit rolls while laying waste to the opposing army. The final score was 6-5 for the Dwarves, so Young General added another notch to his belt with a win over the Old Warhorse.

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