Monday, February 2, 2009

Boardgame Geek still down

Boardgame Geek is still down, I guess the upgrade is taking longer than expected. Anyone who has ever had to deal with an IT department is unsurprised.


  1. Where I work, the "upgrade" had our Debit/Credit machines down for a week and a half, and our Check machine has never worked since... Wonderful the amount of money lost during that time frame, especially a small business competing against some box stores...

    ...In fact, our boss had the IT company pull out all the 'upgrades' and go back to what he had before.

  2. I know. My palms sweat every time I hear that IT is going to "upgrade" my system at work.

    I'm not even very happy when I see that the last person to sign on to my computer was someone from the IT dept.