Thursday, February 5, 2009

BattleLore: Burgos, Castile

Well, our first exposure to the Goblinoids wasn't very impressive, but the game was notable because Young General earned his first victory is a straight-up, no-adjustments fair fight.

The first go-around I took the Don Pedro's army of Goblins and men (Castilians?) . They are at the top of the map. Young General was Henry of Trastamara with his Trastamarans (?).

I wondered what's the best policy with the Goblinoids. On the one hand, maybe it's best to try to keep them back, out of the fight, because they're relatively easy to kill. On the other hand, maybe they should be rushed forward to give them a lot of room to retreat.

As it turned out, it was mostly a moot point because I drew very few cards that let me do anything on that flank. Eventually I moved the foot guys forward and dispatched the riders to the center, but they weren't the reason why I lost.

No, as it turns out, Young General was able to parlay a series of good move cards for his right and center and a couple of well-timed Mounted Charges with his three medium cavalry to chew up my flank. The pursuits, in particular, were brutal and he ended up winning with six flags to 2.

We switched sides. He didn't think much of the Goblins and he started off keeping them out of the fight, going so far as to hide the riders in the rear of his line. He decided his personal goal was to "do better than dad" and get at least three flags before defeat. He still has a propensity to send his troops forward with inadequate support, and my Trastamarans were able to win the detailed fight. Young General was reluctant to pull damaged units out of the fight and when he got a Mounted Charge he sent the Goblin riders out (their speed was too tempting) but even with the +1 die bonus they don't have much hitting power and they came out on the short end of the stick.

Still, while Don Pedro's troops came up short again, Young General achieved his goal, as the final score was 6 flags to 3!

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