Thursday, February 5, 2009

BattleLore: Deeper in Castile

Introducing the dwarves was a popular move, but changed surprisingly little in our continuing series of games between the Old Warhorse and the Young General. Once again we split the match and once again the Young General did rather better with the losing side than the Old Warhorse did.

The notable feature of this battle, besides introducing the redoubtable Iron Dwarves, is that an important part of one army starts the battle shoved forward close to the opposing Goblinoid/Human army.

The first battle was a pretty intense mash-up in the center that managed to take out a couple of the dwarves but the tide of battle turned against the Goblinoid/Human host rather dramatically as the heavy horse and the medium horse once again rampaged through the human forces. The Goblins actually did OK and only one of the six lost flags from their side came from a Goblinoid unit. The final score was 6-4.

The second game looked at first like it was going to be a runaway win for the Dwarf/Man side, but after taking an early lead a few enemy good rolls, some cavalry pursuits and some disappointing rolls on my side saw things swing the other way. Eventually, however, the superior quality and staying power of the dwarves started to kick in as they faced the Goblins and the final score ended up being a narrow 6-5 win for the Dwarven/Man side after all.

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