Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Second try at First Manassas

As part of Game Store "Stonewall" Tony's series of American Civil War 150th anniversary refights against "Iron Brigade" Seth we played the new game's First Bull Run scenario a second time.

Frankly, the dice were pretty kind this time around for the Federals. I had no particular strategy in mind -- or I should say the strategy I had in mind was not well-supported by the cards I drew.

I shifted the cavalry unit from the federal right to the left with the aim of using Hunter's leadership (I had two Leadership cards and two Left probe cards in my initial draw) to lead an attempt to dash in the CSA's weaker flank. This was pre-empted in part by Stuart's impetuous advance on the US Right that ended up costing Stuart both of his cavalry commands and giving the US an early 2-0 lead. Additional attempts by Tony to advance likewise seemed to help the boys in blue more than those in gray and before long the flag count was 4-0 in the US favor.

Of course, as is so often the case in Borg's Commands & Colors games no lead is truly secure and Tony's Rebels started to roll better and the Federal forces tried to finish things off. In particular Hunter's cavalry foray on the flank came to a bad end and before long the score was tied at 4 flags all.

Things were not a grim as that may make it seem however, as more of the Rebe units were down to vulnerable levels and the Union was able to pick off stragglers to end up with a 6-4 victory. This was somewhat closer than our first run through and close enough that I don't think the scenario is unwinnable for the Rebels.

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