Friday, December 3, 2010

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics arrives -- let the stickering begin!

I'll give GMT credit, once they make the game available they don't make you wait for it.

This is in contrast to Days of Wonder, which made me watch the agonizing progress of my order of Memoir '44/Samll World expansions across the country via FedEx ground, I'm not sure it was doing me a favor. It sat in Connecticut for about three days. I think FedEx deliberately holds onto stuff so it doesn't arrive before its scheduled delivery time.

In any case, GMT e-mailed me that my CCN was shipped and bang! There is was on my doorstep.

It will take me longer to apply all the sticers than it took to ship it!

With a week of vacation ahead I hope to get in a session or two.


  1. I don't think there's any question that most of the big commercial shippers "punish" recipients by making sure the package takes *exactly* the amount of time advertised. UPS at least gives a range of times, but they didn't start as an overnight delivery service.

    Since I live on the West Coast I usually get my package two days after it's shipped from Hanford. I ask for USPS service as well, largely because they deliver on Saturday. I think I end up paying a bit of a premium for that (shipping on Labyrinth was over $14).

    Hilariously, I get *my* shipping notice two days after the game comes. They don't send the email when they ship, at least in my experience. But hey, at least they *send* an email. I've gotten preorders from other companies with no notice at all other than a post on an internet forum, and in one notable case, had to call the company and ask what they'd sent because I was afraid it was a game that the preorders had all gone out for a month before that I'd bought from a local store. It was. They took it back, but there was some unpleasant feelings on both sides.

    Enjoy the latest version of C&C. C&C:A scratches that particular itch for me, and I've bought and sold Battle Cry, Memoir '44, and Battlelore because I didn't like them, and I'm not a Napoleonics guy so this game wasn't for me, but I'm sure it will be as good as Ancients. While the game makes a lot of compromises to keep it simple, at the same time Ancients does a pretty good job of encouraging what we know of historical doctrine, at least to a point (no checkerboard Roman legion formations, for example).

  2. I'm a big fan of the whole bunch, but then I have pretty wide-ranging tastes in wargames.

    Of the batch that I've played I think I'd rank them from most to least favorite as Memoir '44, C&C: Ancients, Battle Cry and BattleLore. I'm not sure where C&C: Napoleonics will end up, but my guess is that it will rank either just before or just after C&C:A.