Friday, May 21, 2010

Got my fingers slammed in the door at Sedan

Game Shop Tony continued schooling me in the Power of Beginner's Luck by taking me to school in the scenario Driving to Sedan from the Campaign Book Vol. I.
I'm tempted to blame the dice, but then one always is tempted to do that with a Borg game. And if you can't blame the dice, there's always the cards!

Be that as it may, the fact is that my Germans were not able to get much going as they tried crossing the river. Every bridgehead was aggressively charged by French cavalry troops and while it was costly for the horsemen, they were able to do even more damage to the Germans on their way to a 5-3 victory. Once again the air units proved unhelpful, possibly making the Germans waste valuable actions that would have been better spent elsewhere.

I do think I should have devoted more effort to dominating the river crossing by fire. There were too many cases where there were one-on-one fights between French horsemen and German units that ended killing off both units. No Germans got close enough to test the fortified houses.

On the plus side, Game Store Tony is enjoying the game a lot, and his string of victories with the Belgians, Dutch and now French has provided gist for some conversation among the store denizens.

It's on the Hannut-Merdop and Breakthrough to Gembloux next. I expect Game Store Tony will continue his preference for the "underdog" Allies, so I'll have a chance to break the string and stitch up a little bit of the rent in the fabric of the universe caused by our alternative history version of the France 1940 campaign.

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