Monday, May 10, 2010

Bodange it!

70 years ago today the Germans opened their campaign against France and the Low Countries that shocked the world.
It was a violent campaign that opened with many simultaneous operations. The Memoir '44 campaign book has no less than 5 scenarios dealing with battles on May 10.

Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of unlimited game time, so I wasn't able to play all five, but I did go down to the old game shop and played the first one, Bodange, which depicts the border battles between the Belgian Chasseurs Ardennais and the German 1st and 2nd Panzer Divisions.
Game Shop Tony is an enthusiastic player and while not a wargamer he is a pretty good player and it showed once again. He took the Belgians and ended up eking out a narrow win.

It was really quite dramatic. The well-dug-in Belgians were able to destroy 4 units among the German horde of 12 units supported by an aircraft while being pummeled in turn by the Germans, who likewise killed 4 units -- and the three surviving Belgians mustered a mere 4 figures between them! But it was Their Finest Hour (or so the card said, and a 1 figure and a 2-figure Belgian unit charged out of their foxholes and counterattacked, felling a 3-figure German infantry unit with a single bow and winning the battle. Bodange it!

It was a good game and I hope to commemorate the 1940 campaign with a at least a couple more Memoir '44 fights before the week is out.

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