Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brought low by the Low Countries

Circumstances allowed me to head back to the store for some more Memoir '44 action and suffice it to say, if the Belgians and Dutch had done half as well 70 years ago as they did today at Arkham Asylum in Norwich then the 1940 campaign might have turned out rather differently.

Game Store Tony edged out Yours Truly twice more, successfully defending Fort Eben-Emael with a 5-5 win as the Belgians (my German attackers needed 6 flags) and again at the Moerdijk Bridges with a 5-4 win as the Dutch.) Both games came down to the wire, possibly just one attack roll away from victory by my side.

In between another Game Store Denizen who was intrigued by the game tried hi hand at it, taking the German side in the Unternehmen Niwi scenario against my attacking Franco-Belgian force. He didn't have Game Store Tony's magic touch, however, and while playing credibly well as a first timer, he wasn't able to inflict enough losses on the Allies to trigger the entry of his armor before the Allies seized Nives and Witry for a 5-3 win.

While the Air Rules were in effect, none of the German players found it worthwhile to put up any planes this time around.

Despite the one-sided record, all three scenarios appear winnable for either side and manage to do a credible job of evoking their respective battles. I particularly liked the Fort Eben-Emael scenario, which is a change of pace.

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