Thursday, September 10, 2009

Warhammer is obnoxious

This bugs me everytime I see it. I really don't understand why they take this position. I'm 100% certain that you're allowed to take a photo of a physical item you own (whether it's a car, a Mickey Mouse movie cell, a book or a Warhammer playing piece) in order to sell it on the secondary market. Have you ever seen GM tell people they can't use a picture of a GM car in a used car ad?

But it's also just plain obnoxious.


  1. You are 100% right. What do they have to lose by this? Instead they come off as jerks.

  2. Where is this? I believe I've heard of this problem before. But I just checked eBay. There are plenty of Warhammer pictures in auctions.

    And wherever that happened, who agreed to remove the pictures? The seller or web site operator?

  3. It's one of the larger online eBay sellers.