Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A little revenge

Just to demonstrate the advantages of knowing the enemy OB, I solitaired three iterations of the following 100-point British fleet against the 99-point German force that beat up on the 98-point Soviets.

It comprised the Warspite, three Truculents and three Martlets.

One time the Germans were able to pull out a narrow win by sinking the Warspite while still having the crippled Scharnhorst afloat. The British had awful luck with initiative.

But the other two battles were decisive British wins, with all three German ships going down with no British losses at all (not surprising of course, as the Germans have nothing that can shoot down the Martlets and have a low chance of success in ASW and are vulnerable to being picked off by the Martlets. The Warspite took damage in both battles, but that was it.

Generally the Germans could get two objectives but that was the extent of their scoring.

This does not suggest that the Warspite/Martlet/Truculent build is a good one. It has obvious vulnerabilities, but it has a very good chance of beating that particular German build.

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