Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two cases of Flank Speed

Here's what I got:

From two cases:

HMCS Sackville Common 4
Milan Common 5
Suffren Rare 2
HMNZS Leander Uncommon 3
HMS Belfast Uncommon 2
HMS Prince of Wales Rare 2
HMS Repulse Rare 2
HMS Saumarez Common 4
Martlet Mark II Common 4
SB2C Helldiver Common 4
USS Alaska Rare 2
USS Arizona Rare 2
USS Gunston Hall Uncommon 3
USS Intrepid Rare 1
USS Kidd Common 4
USS North Carolina Rare 1
USS Phelps Common 4
USS Richmond Uncommon 3
USS San Diego Uncommon 4
Gromkiy Common 7
October Revolution Rare 1
Kirov Rare 2
Ju 88A-4 Uncommon 3
Prinz Eugen Rare 2
Schleswig-Holstein Rare 1
T27 Common 4
U-47 Common 3
Aquila Rare 1
Gorizia Rare 1
Guiseppe Garibaldi Uncommon 2
Pegaso Common 5
Re. 2001 CB Common 4
A6M5 Zeke Common 4
Aoba Rare 1
B6N2 Jill Common 5
Nagato Rare 1
Oi Uncommon 3
Shigure Common 4
Soryu Rare 2
T1 Landing Ship Common 6

I got my last missing rare in the very last box I opened, so there was even some drama. The distribution was very even, with only the TI and the Russian DD over represented. I'm not sure how useful the T1 will be but having so many Russian DDs means I'm just 1 DD away from being able to field a 100-point Russian fleet (unbalanced to be sure, but not bad for a minor naval power.)

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