Monday, March 23, 2009

Does the Kindle have any implications on gaming?

I got mine this weekend and I'm still learning the ins and outs of the thing, but my first impression is highly favorable. It really does make reading pretty easy. For one thing, it's actually easier to handle than a book. You can easily read it one-handed, which makes someone like me who likes to read while eating (a habit that annoyed my father when I was a kid) very pleased indeed.

It's not a good game-playing platform, of course, although it appears some folks are trying. I see some things that look like they might be games on Amazon.

But it could be a useful supplement to boardgames. Rules, for example, are often posted on the Web now. The Kindle can read Web pages, but perhaps a specific Kindle application of the rules would be useful. One of the selling points of the Kindle editions of books is their ability to be updated, which would be very helpful indeed for wargame rules.


  1. *Jealous*

    How well does the speech thing work?

  2. I've played with the text-to-speech a little bit. It seesm to work fine, although I'm not sure how often I will use it.
    I suppose it could basically turn any book into a sort of audio book, which might be useful on occasion.

  3. I don't have Kindle but a Sony PRS-505.

    The problem is screen size. Sony recommends when building your own pdf file that the page size be 3.47"x4.54". Most game files are 8.5"x11" meaning that when displayed the print will be too small.

    I suspect Kindle is the same way.

    Bottom Line: Maturing technology that is not-quite-there yet.

  4. The Kindle doesn't support pdf format well as of yet.

    On the otehr hand, if it takes off it may be worthwhile to make Kindle versions of "living" rules that could be downloaded at any time.

    These would be searchable as well, which would be useful for many games.