Monday, March 23, 2009

Curt Schilling retires

Well, now that he is retired from baseball I wonder if that will have any implications for MMP? Perhaps he will take a more active role in the company's management.

I seem to recall that he said once that he promised his wife that MMP would be a self-sustaining business, in other words his baseball earnings were not going to subsidize his hobby. So I wouldn't expect his retirement to mean more funds for the business.

On the other hand, he may have more time available, even if he spends a lot of it on other business opportunities. That time may very well have a lot of value in itself, but it also could mean a better focus. Given that Schilling is obviously a highly competitive person, directing some of his competitive energy into making MMP a bigger company wouldn't be surprising.

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  1. Curt has left ASL behind and is now focusing on MMORPGs. He was a regular at times on "The Instance," arguably the best podcast for World of Warcraft players, certainly my favorite. He also owns a software company that is supposed to be putting out an MMORPG (or similar) at some point in the future, but I really can't speak to that in particular.

    I *think* that Curt intends for MMP to continue doing what it's doing, although I don't see him pumping money into it in order to increase the number of wargamers out there. Up until the economy tanked, MMP was using the preorder process to fund game production, just as GMT and many other companies do, and I suspect that they're in decent financial straits now, considering the alternative.

    Now that he's retired, I could see him going back to ASL as it's easier to have regular opponents if you aren't traveling as much (no road trips, spring training, etc). Given his comments about MMORPGs on The Instance, however, I suspect that he's been there, done that and will move on to something else. I expect that a lot will hinge on whether or not his son expressed an interest in ASL, as would many of us.