Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Successors review

Successors is the second major variant for Command Magazine's issue 10 Alexandros game. Like Xenophon, Successors appeared in Command No. 14.I've discussed the game mechanics and materials in previous reviews on Alexandros and Xenophon, so this time I'll just make some comments of the differences between this game and the others.

First, while there is a two-player game, most players won't bother hauling this out unless they have three or four players. In the three-player game players represent the main Successor factions founded by Antigonis, Ptolomy and Seleucus. If present a fourth player controls various barbarians and other small states and acts as a "spoiler."

This is a very long game, going on for as many as 96 turns. The historical result was a draw as none of the successors was able to reunite Alexander's conquest and instead each settled for carving out a new kingdom. Players are forewarned that the game appears very historical!
On the other hand, the original Alexandros game is a bit boring for the Persians because the Macedonians are so powerful. And Xenophon is short.

In Successors all the various unit types, including the incomparable 8-8 Macedonian pike phalanxes, are available to all the players and therefore Successors is the best-balanced big game in the system.

Set up takes 20-30 minutes, including picking through the Alexandros counters. The game itself will probably take more than one sitting.


Yes for Wargamers: Most even scenario in the system.

No for collectors: Nothing special.

No for Eurogamers: Too intricate and slow-moving for the taste of more casual players.

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