Sunday, July 20, 2008

In all my collection I only have one game with "meeples" ...

... and I haven't even played it yet.
I've got Carcassonne the City. It looks interesting and I love the presentation, being a sucker for wooden stuff, but it's unplayed as yet.
I haven't succeeded in hooking up with any regular euro players locally. There is a meetup in New Haven pretty often, but that's far enough away that my attendance has been spotty. Many of their meetings are on weekday nights, too, which is bad for me.
So I have just one meeple-equipped boardgame, despite the fact they're pretty much the signature component for euros (much like 1/2-inch square counters are for wargames).
But until I get to play more euros, I can't see buying many more. I have a few of the "classic" titles such as Lost Cities and Tigris & Euphrates, but there are plenty I've passed on. Most of my friends are wargamers and the euros are a little too abstract for family play so far.
Maybe I'll get to break the game in at WBC.

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