Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lord of the Rings: Tradeable Miniatures Game scenario -- Fangorn Forest

Fangorn Forest

A LOTR:TMG scenario based on the Fellowship of the Ring movie/book

Order of Battle:

Evil: Match the build of the Good side under standard army construction rules. The Bad force must include a version of Ugluk and a version of Grishnakh. If needed for leadership, the Bad force can optionally include versions of Snaga, Orc Lackey and/or Orc Overseer as needed and available. At least half but no more than two-thirds of the figures must be Uruk-Hai (not Mordor) and the remainder must be Orcs.

Good: As many Riders of Rohan as the player as available, fielded within standard army construction rules. The Good force must include a version of Eomer. The good force must also include any version of Merry and Pippin. The hobbits can be used to satisfy leadership requirements under the standard army construction rules. All the non-hobbit figures must be mounted except for a couple of foot Rohan figures to even off point totals. The value of the foot Rohan figures cannot exceed the point value of the cheapest mounted figure in the force. Once the good army total has been determined, give that information to the Evil force commander

Map:. Any one map that does not include buildings. Treat water hexsides as land.

Set Up

The Evil Army:. The Evil player sets up all figures in the center of the map. One hobbit must be in the very center hex, the other is adjacent. All other Evil force figures must be set up adjacent to at least two others so that the whole force forms one compact mass
The Good army: The hobbits set up in the center of the map. They start the scenario captured. All other figures can enter the map from any side on any turn.

Special Rules

1. Any Good figure can leave the map by paying 1 movement point from a map edge hex. Figures may reenter the map on any subsequent turn.

2. Merry and Pippin are prisoners, but under the control of the Good player for movement. They are unarmed and cannot fight, but they also cannot be killed. So long as an evil figure is adjacent to them they are considered bound and can only move one hex per turn and cannot enter an occupied hex. If a hobbit starts a friendly movement phase without an Evil figure adjacent the hobbit is considered freed and can move normally, but cannot attack. If an Evil figure is adjacent at the start of a movement phase the hobbit is considered recaptured and bound again. Hobbits can escape and be recaptured any number of times.


The Evil Army wins if the Good army is routed

The Good Army wins if the Evil army is routed or both hobbits exit the map from any map edge.

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