Sunday, July 11, 2010


Young general was looking forward to smashing up my army with a real cool kind of creature like the Hydra, but the beast ended up being a disappointment, as the beasts so often are.

As a matter of fact, the Hydra gave the Old Warrior his first flag. The fearsome creature charges a unit of heavy cavalry, inflicting no hits at all -- and then the battle back from that unit lopped off all three heads on the creature, killing it.

An advanced unit of dwarves bit the dust next, and then Old Warrior had a chance to use Young general's favorite tactic -- back-to-back Mounted Charges, which left another three units dead. Young General had managed to kill 2 units in the meantime so it was a 5-2 game at that point. He battled back over the next few turns to bring it to a 5-5 tie, with his 1-figure medium horse unit leading a very charmed life. its luck ran out in the face of a Sneak Attack card and that was it.

Young general continued his standard practice of having a war council of equals -- Level 1 all around. Old Warrior opted for a Level 3 commander and a Level 3 Wizard. He considered going with a level 1 Warrior and a Level 2 commander, but that seemed to merely dilute the chances of getting Wizard cards while giving Young General access to more warrior cards. So long as the Young General continues his policy of Level 1 war councils then Old Warrior's best move seems to be a L3 comamnder and a L3 lore master. This provides a substantial advantage in card hand size (10 to 6). The Commander's Stronghold was usefully placed next to the Center sectors archer, providing that unit with a protected perch for raining arrows on units near and far. On the far left flank a light infantry unit moved onto the Magic Pemntacle on Turn 3, providing a 1 lore bonus each turn which was also very useful. The Wizard was very active, emptying the cup on the last turn to spend 12 lore to activate the Sneak Attack that won the game.

Next up is the Magic Vortex.

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