Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kicking Some Goblin Ass

Young General made an atypical choice in this latest episode of BattleLore, choosing to take the Goblin side in the Goblin Riders scenario from the Goblin Marauders expansion.

There was no mystery in this selection, because as much as Young General doesn't care for Goblins, he absolutely loves playing Mounted Charge cards and there was a lot more potential for that sort of thing with the cavalry heavy Goblin army than the mount-starved Dwarven-Human force.

As is his practice, Young General selected a balanced war council with Level 1 lore masters all around and a Level 2 Commander. Old Warrior followed his standard strategy of picking a Level 3 lore master, in this case the Warrior and a Level 3 Commander. The Stronghold and the Training Camp were set up om the right edge of the center and the right flank respectively. Old Warrior planned to use the Training camp to upgrade his blue banner dwarf unit on the right to a red banner and use the Stronghold as a sniper post for some archers.

Young General's been successful enough that Old Warrior felt comfortable inflicting some strategy on the youngster. Old Warrior noted that capturing the bridge was worth 2 victory banners but suspected that if he didn't seize the bridge right away he might be able to spring a sudden victory on the Goblins.

Old Warrior opened the action with some attacks that cleared a path to the bridge but held back from actually capturing it. Meanwhile Young General not only started the game with a Mounted Charge in hand but soon draw a second one, as well as some other useful cards and pressed hard against the center of the Standard Army, even managing to capture the Stronghold!

As usual, however, the Dwarves were deadly in the close combat and kept the game close, with the Victory Banners being 4 for the Goblin-Human Pennant Army of Young General and 3 for the Old Warrior's Human-Dwarf Standard. At this moment Old Warrior unleashed his trap, with an Assault Lore card that allowed a general advance and the seizure of the bridge., bringing the Standard Army within one banner of victory The odds were that the Standard army's attacks would succeed somewhere, and so it proved with the promoted Red banner Dwarf unit finishing off a Goblinoid rider for the win.

A hard-fought victory, and a glance at Young general's face revealed that he wouldn't be caught by a trick like that again!

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