Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is Dungeons & Dragons the salvation of Heroscape?

The new master set for Heroscape that merges the Dungeons & Dragons universe with Heroscape seems to be revitalizing the Heroscape franchise.

Unlike the Heroscape Marvel master set, which fell flat, the D&D themed set has been flying off the shelves, I'm hearing from retalers and the first expansion also seems to be selling briskly.

It's likely to be a moneymaker for Hasbro, too, because they are repurposing figures that have already appeared in the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures game. There have been something like 20 sets of D&D minies so far, each with 50+ figures so there are well over a thousand miniatures available for possible Heroscape expansions.

The long-term future of the main Heroscape line is a little more questionable. While there have awlays been some classic fantasy figures in Heroscape, a lot of the figures are also based on sci fi and historical themes which lie outside the scope of D&D, so it would seem like there will still be a need for new figures if Hasbro wants to keep the main line alive.

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