Monday, March 8, 2010

Serpents of the Sea arrives

Serpents of the Seas arrived today. My box was rather battered by the Postal Service, which is unusual. I think that GMT may have packed the game a little on the light side as well.
On the other hand, the game itself looks interesting. I'm hoping to try out the duel rules pretty soon. Those appear especially interesting.
And the game gets a special Bonus Point from me, because it includes a namesake counter. Yes, it appears that the British had a gunboat named Owen. It appears at the Battle of Lake Champlain, 11 Sept. 1814. The counter tells us it was a 2-gun gunboat, making it just about the smallest gunboat there is.


  1. The namesake counter is awesome. Kind of a 19th century PT-109. I'll have to wait a long time for my namesake to appear.

  2. The 1814 Battle of Lake Champlain was probably the most important battle ever fought on Lake Champlain. Not to say the 1777 Battle of Lake Champlain was insignificant, mind.

  3. I wonder if Lake Champlain holds some sort of record for the largest naval battle ever fought in the smallest body of water.

  4. Seth,

    Lake Champlain is not really a small body of water... It is the sixth "Great Lake" tho not officially a Great Lake.