Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old Warrior gets pwned by the Young General at Battlelore

Well, Old Warrior got his head handed to him tonight by the Young General and frankly, he's not even sure how it happened.

The scenario was Riding Down the Spear Bearers, with Old Warrior handling the Goblin-based Pennant army while Young Warrior took the dwarf/human Standard army. Old Warrior picked Level 2 commander and a Level 3 Wizard while Young general announced he was going to spread his Lore master choices around taking Level 1 commander, wizard, cleric and warrior and a Level 2 Rogue. The sixth level was the Spider. I was dubious, thinking that he might have been spreading himself too thin and was passing up having very many cards (Just 4 Command and 3 Lore max), but he argued that this way he'd be able to play any card at face value in Lore cost. I thought that having a larger hand size (5 Command and up to 4 Lore) would be superior. Events did not tend to support my position.

The battle itself got off to a slow start, and it wasn't until around Turn 9 that any flags were captured. I wanted to gather my Goblins in the center to set up a good Goblin Rush, but I drew too few Center cards to pull that off. Meanwhile the Young general made his main efforts on the flanks.

As usual it turned into a battle of minor tactics, as Young General has little interest in grand sweeping maneuvers and Old Warrior once again couldn't draw the cards he needed to support his grand designs.

This might not have been a problem except that Old Warrior's units couldn't seem to come out on top in their duels with Young General's units. As usual the Dwarves were very tough and the Goblinoids generally disappointing, but it would be too easy to blame the Goblins because only two of the six units lost were Goblinoid. Three were Human and the sixth was, yet again, the Spider, which died, yet again, in it's first fight. Argh!

The final score was 6-2, as Old Warrior managed to kill off one Dwarf and one Heavy Horse that ventured too far forward. Overall it was a convincing win for the Young General.

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