Saturday, February 6, 2010

Encounter on the low road -- a Lost Worlds session

Arcanthus regretted taking the coast road. Not only had its twisty path not saved him any time over the King Pass route, but now he was being accosted by a ruffian - some pirate from the looks of him.

The sage prepared casting a spell to clear the thug away, but his incantations were interrupted by a large bang, a cloud of smoke, and the whistle of a pistol ball past his ear!

Arcanthus brushed aside his brief glimpse of mortality and focused. No time for that now. No doubt the robber would want to reload, obviously being the sort of coward who feared close combat, so now was the time to close and strike.

Sure enough, the blade of Arcanthus caught the pirate squarely as he attempted to stuff wad and ball down the barrel. (-5 hit).

As the pirate staggered back, Arcanthus had time to finish casting his interrupted spell. He kicked his foot out and a rainbow colored blast of light erupted from Khalyde's Kick to strike the pirate hard. (-3 hit).

The battered pirate dodged another swing from Arcanthus, and managed to reload his pistol finally, but a follow-on swing from the sage clipped the ruffian's side. (-2 hit).

Time to finish this affair. Arcanthus judged that the pirate would again pause to attempt to get off a shot, so a strong swinging blow would probably catch him. And so it came to pass (-3, KO).

The man's wounds did not appear necessarily fatal. Arcanthus never took a life without need, no matter how worthless it seemed. And so he gathered his discarded bags and continued his journey, leaving the would-be robber's fate in the hands of whoever should next pass down the road.

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