Friday, October 9, 2009

Special abilities

Initial poll results are showing that Casabianca's special ability has been used about twice as often as the others, which are all at more or less low levels. The majority of votes, however, are for "useless."

A consensus seems to be emerging that the Casabianca's special ability is occasionally useful and that the T1 is useful enough to use anyway so it might have times when it's SA may sort of get used incidentally.

Jury seem to be out on GH, but the merchant ships and the shore bombarding BBs are a bust as far as SA goes.


  1. Interesting. Did you think that this is how it would be?

  2. The Casabianca, being a sub, gets to start pretty close to places it can score its points and isn't that easy to kill. The T1 is a useful little escort anyway and fast, so there's chance it will incidentally be in a position to score its points.

    The other ships are slow and have a long way to go to score their points.