Monday, October 27, 2008

Nuclear War tournament session

We didn't have a very big turnout, I'm afraid, but the three of us who did make it had an enjoyable time of it. I decided to try the Weapons of Mass Destruction edition of Nuclear War as it seems well suited for a smaller group.

There was the usual tossing around of propaganda to start. There was an abortive start to the war as our youngest player misplayed his card order, but eventually the missiles started to fly. The youngest player attempted to minimize the chances of annoying either of his foes too much by randomizing every attack with a die roll -- which might have worked out except that every single roll came up against the middle player!

Myself, as the oldest player, managed to benefit from this turn of events, but not enough to bring victory as I had my all-too-common very poor population draw and skimped by with what events would prove to be far less than a fair share.

My missiles were able to wipe out our young friend, who maintained his policy of "random" attacks during his final retaliation, which all (four shots) happened to hit our middle player.

Despite this barrage the middle player still had the most population cards and in the brief interlude of peace that followed he was winning the propaganda war quite handily. With just 4 million people left I launched my last attack and got through. A Secret Card on Middle Player's draw wiped out the last of my folks and I launched my final retaliation in hopes of immolating the whole world. Middle player happened to have an anti-missile which shot down my best missile (a Coyote). My other two shots got through and did a lot of damage, but he ended up surviving with just 8 million left -- which happened to be the base loss the Coyote's warhead would have inflicted!

So despite being the target for almost every nuclear attack in the game, the Middle Player won.

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